My name is Daniel and I am a software developer for around ten years now. I studied Business Informatics at the Technical University in Vienna and am still doing a few Software Engineering courses in my spare time to keep learning.

Currently I am working for Firstbird as Lead Software Engineer in Vienna where my main goal is to make our development team deliver a great product which our customers enjoy to use.

Most of the time I was working on the JVM, using Java as a programming language. Most of the time I focused on web applications using Spring, Vaadin and Java EE. Although I am still proficient working with Java I think that other tools and languages can solve today’s needs better.

In the last years I focused my work on Scala and Microservice environments using Playframework and Akka. When working in the Scala environment I also started to work on Open Source projects and started a few with my colleagues at Firstbird which we still maintain.